Maria Manuela Guilherme


MARIA MANUELA DUARTE GUILHERME is a senior researcher at the Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra, where she is a member of the "Research Group on Humanities, Migration and Peace Studies". She was a Marie-Sklodowska Curie grantee (2014-2017). Her project GLOCADEMICS - "'Glocal Languages' and 'Intercultural Responsibility in a postcolonial global academic world: Power relations between languages/cultures within and between research groups" was carried out both in Portugal, at the "Centro de Estudos Sociais, UC", and Brazil, at the "Departamento de Letras Modernas, Universidade de São Paulo". She holds a PhD in Social Sciences/Education in Languages and Cultures by the University of Durham (UK) and a MA in Cultural Studies (North American Studies and Bilingual Education) from the New University in Lisbon. In 2001, she was awarded the Birkmaier Award for doctoral research at Washington D. C. by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages and The Modern Language Journal. Her academic merit is also recognized at the biographical chapter by Phipps, A. (2012). "Manuela Guilherme" in C. A. Chapelle (ed.) The Encyclopaedia of Applied Linguistics. Oxford: Blackwell Publ. Her research interests lie on Intercultural Communication and Education, Critical Theory and Pedagogy, Language Policies and Education for Global Citizenship. She coordinated two European projects,funded by the European Commission, namely (a) ICOPROMO - Intercultural Competence for Professional Mobility (Leonardo da Vinci Programme), also supported by the European Centre for Modern Languages, Council of Europe [2003-2006])and (b) INTERACT - Intercultural Active Citizenship Education (Sixth European Framework Programme), also funded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation [2004-2007]). She was scientific co-coordinator of the RIAIPE3 project: "Programa Marco Interuniversitario para la equidad y la cohesion social de las instituciones de educación superior en America Latina" (2010-2013), funded by the ALFA Programme of the European Commission for the cooperation between Europe and Latin America. Her work has been published internationally. She is the author of "Critical Citizens for an Intercultural World: Foreign Language Education as cultural politics", 2002, and co-editor of Critical Pedagogy: Political approaches to language and intercultural communication, 2004, both published by Multilingual Matters. She co-authored books such as "ICOPROMO - Intercultural Competence for Professional Mobility", European Centre of Modern Languages, Council of Europe (2007) and was main editor of "The Intercultural Dynamics of Multicultural Working" by Multilingual Matters, as well as the author of chapters in books and encyclopaedias by Sage and Routledge. She is a member of some journal editorial boards, namely the "Language and Intercultural Communication" and the "Roteiro", Brazil.

Latest Publications

Book Chapter

Guilherme, Maria Manuela; Menezes de Souza, L. M. T. (2019), Conclusion: Towards globalization from below, in M. Guilherme & L. M. T. Menezes de Souza (org.), Glocal Languages and Critical Intercultural Awareness: The South answers back. London and New York: Routledge

Book Chapter

Guilherme, Maria Manuela (2019), Línguas 'glocais' no Brasil: O global e o local com inspiração na pedagogia crítica de Paulo Freire, in Haddad Baptista, A. M. & Guilherme, M. (org.), Plurilinguismo: Por um universo dialógico. S. Paulo, Brasil: BT Acadêmica


Guilherme, Maria Manuela; Haddad Baptista, Ana Maria (orgs.) (2019), Plurilinguismo: Por um universo dialógico. S. Paulo, Brasil: BT Acadêmica