Other Activities

2018 - "Economy, women's rights and development agenda: which questions should the organisations in the field have in mind?" APDES Meeting. São Pedro do Sul, Portugal, December, 18th.

2018 - "Solidarity Economy and Sustainable Development Goals. A critical perspective". International Seminar "Social and Solidarity Economy and initial vocational training" / Final Meeting on the project SSE.IVET: affirming Social and Solidarity Economy in Vocational Training.

2018 - Comments on alternative economy projects in Portugal and Spain (with André Barata). "Experiências locais e transformações societais" (Local initiatives and social transformation). Covilhã, October, 30th

2018 - Women-led initiatives: social emancipation, Solidarity Economy and refreshing economic imageries. Seminar organised by Kyoto Basic Income Weekend and Sumireya. Kyoto, June 6th.

2015 - Member of the Scientific Commission of the International Congress Cive Morum, organised by the Institute of Sociology, University of Porto.

2014 - Lecture "Exchange practices and social currencies in the proximity economy: the Brazilian experiences". Casa da Esquina, 6 fev. 2014

2014 - Workshop "Social Currencies in Brazil and Portugal: reflecting upon the initiatives" - Meeting "Exchanging is what matters", in Lisbon (4/12/2014)

2013 - Invisible Violences - Interview with Luciane Lucas dos Santos by Ieda Estergilda de Abreu, in Forum Magazine - Other World in Debate, August 2013, pp. 20-21.

2012 - 2014 - Member of the team responsible for planning and organising the solidarity exchange fairs for children in Coimbra, promoted by a cultural association - Casa da Esquina.

2012 - Planning of educational workshops at schools, related to the exchange fairs for children. These workshops were also devoted to stimulate the children to think of other ways of consuming by creating collective toys and plays. The children are stimulated to think that a good play does not require a brand-new toy to succeed.

2011 - Scientific advice of two graduate students (ESEC) regarding the Project "Discovering the world of an exchange market", coordinated by Teresa Cunha.