Júlia Garraio


Júlia Garraio is researcher at the Center for Social Studies (Humanities, Migrations and Peace Studies), integrating the research group Humanities, Migrations and Peace Studies and POLICREDOS: Observatory on Religion in Public Space. Violence, memory, identity, discourse and representation are key concepts in her research. Most of her research, activities and publications were dedicated to the German literature and culture in the twentieth century. In her PhD dissertation she examined the work of the German poet Günter Eich (1907-1972). Her post-doctoral research project focused the public memory of the rape of German women and girls in the context of WWII. Her recent work examines how women's experiences in wartime are appropriated and transformed by gendered national scripts. She is a researcher of the project DECODEM(De)Coding Masculinities: Towards an enhanced understanding of media's role in shaping perceptions of masculinities in Portugal. Her current research interests include sexual violence, masculinities, feminisms, nationalism, comparative literature and media .

Latest Publications

Article in Scientific journal

Garraio, Júlia (2019), "Framing Sexual Violence in Portuguese Colonialism: On Some Practices of Contemporary Cultural Representation and Remembrance", Violence Against Women, 25, 13, 1558-1577

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Book Chapter

Garraio, Júlia (2019), Challenges and Backlashes of #MeToo: the case of Germany, in Marcella Corsi, Laeticia Thissen and Giulia Zacchia (org.), The #MeToo Social Media Effect and its Potentials for Social Change Iin Europe. Brussels: FEPS - Foundation for European Progressive St, 38-54

Book Chapter

Bergoffen, Debra; Bos, Pascale R.; Bourke, Joanna; Campbell, Kirsten; Du Toit, Louise; Garraio, Júlia; Mailänder, Elissa; Mischkowski, Gabriela; Mühlhäuser, Regina; Virgili, Fabrice; Zipfel, Gaby (2019), Gaps and Traps: The Politics of Generating Knowledge on Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict, in Gaby Zipfel, Regina Mühlhäuser and Kirsten Campbell (org.), In Plain Sight. Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict. New Delhi: Zubaan, xix-xlix