Gaia Giuliani


Gaia Giuliani is permanent researcher and member of DECIDe at CES and Associate professor in Political philosophy (ASN 2017, Italy). She obtained her PhD in History of political ideas at the University of Torino (2005) and received then 3 postdoctoral fellowships, respectively from the University of Bologna (2007-2009), the University of Technology Sydney (2009-2010) funded by the Australian Government under the scheme Endeavour Research Fellowship, and the Center for Social Studies (CES) (2015-2019), funded by the Portuguese Foundation of Science and Technology [FCT]. Since 2016 she lectures regularly at CES PhD courses. From 2018-2019 she co-coordinates the course "Issues on Sociology of Politics and Democracy" (MA in Sociology) at the Faculty of Economics (FEUC) of the University of Coimbra. Her methodology crosses History of Political Ideas, Political Philosophy, Critical Race and Whiteness Studies, Postcolonial Theory, Cultural and Gender Studies. Her research project at CES (2015-) aims at a critical discourse analysis of texts coding racialised and gendered monstrosity and 'fears of disasters and crisis' and their symbolic and material impact in the context of the War on terror, the so-called migrant and refugee crises, and the crise of European and Western self-representation. In 2018, she became Principal investigator of the FCT-funded three-year project "(De)OTHERING - Deconstructing Risk and Otherness: hegemonic scripts and counter-narratives on migrants/refugees and 'internal Others' in Portuguese and European mediascapes"(2018-2121). Since 2018 she collaborates with the FCT project "DECODEM - (De)Coding Masculinities in Portugal" (2018-21) and since 2021 with the FCT project "UNPOP- UNpacking POPulism: Comparing the formation of emotion narratives and their effects on political behaviour" (2021-2024), both at CES. Since 2020 she is member of the Management Committee of the COST Action CA19129 - Decolonising Development: Research, Teaching and Practice (2020-2024). Since 2021 she is a member of the advisory board of the FCT 3 years project "UrbanoScenes. Post-colonial imaginaries of urbanisation: A future-oriented investigation from Portugal and Angola (PTDC/GES-URB/1053/2021).

Latest Publications


Giuliani, Gaia (2021), Monsters, Catastrophes and the Anthropocene A Postcolonial Critique. London and New York: Routledge;

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Article in Scientific journal

Giuliani, Gaia; Gorgoni, Paolo; Avanzato, Fidelia (2020), "Pandemic: a six-handed study", Surviving the pandemic. Reflections on intimacy, care, inequalities, resistance and transnational solidarity, 7, 7-19

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Book Chapter

Giuliani, Gaia; Petrovich Njegosh, Tatiana; Giametta, Calogero (2020), Per un'analisi della memoria delle migrazioni in Europa. Discorsi, (auto)rappresentazioni e propaganda, in Daniele Salerno, Patrizia Violi (org.), Straniero nel ricordo. Verso una memoria pubblica delle migrazioni. Bologna: Il mulino, 173-202