Filipe Santos


Filipe Santos has a Ph.D. in Sociology and is currently co-coordinator and researcher of the Science, Economy and Society Research Group (NECES). His research interests are focused on the intersections between criminal justice and forensic science, privileging theoretical approaches from the science, technology and society studies. Filipe's latest publications include the books "Do Meia Culpa a Madeleine McCann. Casos mediáticos e genética forense em Portugal" (2021) and "Da cena de crime ao tribunal. Trajetórias e culturas forenses" (2020) and the article "The social life of forensic evidence and the epistemic sub-cultures in an inquisitorial justice system: Analysis of Saltão case" (2019). His current research project (CLINIC) focuses on the execution of security measures by mentally disordered offenders in Portugal.

Latest Publications

Book Chapter

Santos, Filipe (2021), Estandardização e cooperação no sistema Prüm como objetos de fronteira, in Helena Machado (org.), Crime e tecnologia: Desafios culturais e políticos para a Europa". Porto: Afrontamento, 125-149


Santos, Filipe (2021), Do Meia Culpa a Madeleine McCann: casos mediáticos e genética forense em Portugal. Coimbra: Almedina

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Book Chapter

Santos, Filipe (2020), Contributo do ADN na investigação criminal: Análise de casos mediáticos da justiça portuguesa, in Susana Costa; Filipe Santos; Carlos Ademar (org.), Da cena de crime ao tribunal. Trajetórias e culturas forenses. Lisboa: Pactor, 155-173