Clara Keating


Clara Keating (M.Phil, Cambridge, PhD, Lancaster), Associate Professor at the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, School of Arts and Humanities, University of Coimbra and Researcher at the CES (Research Group Europe and the Global South: heritages and dialogues). I develop critical sociolinguistics research in complex multilingual and linguistically diverse contexts resulting from mobilities and migrations. In the framework of the European alliance EC2U (, I lead the UC team of the Virtual Institute on Quality Education on Language, Culture and Social Diversity in Europe, which includes the local coordination of the multilateral M.A. and the implementation of a space for research and development in the areas of linguistic, cultural and social diversity in Europe. In my courses and postgraduate supervisions, I articulate an explicit focus on language and multilingual practice, literacy and discourse with social, feminist, cultural and anthropological studies, namely the relationship between language, literacy, ideology and power.

Latest Publications

Book Chapter

Keating, Clara; Vieira Santos, Joana (2024), Repertoires in movement: explorations on the lived experience with languages by 'CPLP' students at the University of Coimbra., in Valetopoulos, F. et al. (org.), Linguistic and intercultural landscapes in the European Higher Education.. Berlin: Peter Lang, tba

Book Chapter

Keating, Clara; Carvalho, Alexandre Sousa; Freire, Maria Raquel (2022), Da Estratégia à Prática: Construção da Narrativa e Ação Política da UE, in Maria Raquel Freire; Daniela Nascimento (org.), União Europeia como Ator Internacional: Paz e Segurança nas Narrativas e Práticas. Coimbra: Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra, 127-162

Article in Scientific journal

Keating, Maria Clara; Carneiro, Alan Silvio Ribeiro; Diniz, Leandro Rodrigues Alves (2022), "OS EMARANHADOS DO PORTUGUÊS COMO LÍNGUA ADICIONAL: CENÁRIOS MULTILÍNGUES DE (I)MOBILIDADE E AGENCIAMENTO", Trabalhos em Linguística Aplicada, 61, 3, 609-622