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Do we enjoy or exhaust ourselves in the community experience? The reproduction of values in solidarity-based agri-food models in Portugal

Filipe Olival

Guilherme Raj

November 24, 2022, 15h00 (GMT)

Online event

Comments: Pedro Hespanha and Luciane Lucas dos Santos (CES)

In this seminar, we present some reflections on the (re)production of values (use value, exchange value and ethical values) in grassroots communities that aim to build alternatives to the capitalist agri-food model in Portugal. We look at our experiences with Rizoma Cooperativa Integral in Lisbon and with three Associations for the Maintenance of Proximity Agriculture in Palmela, Alvalade and Montemor-o-Novo for this purpose. We discuss, in particular, how this (re)production of values and the tensions that emerge between divergent values manifest themselves in the processes of decision-making and self-organisation of work in these initiatives, and what effects are generated in the experience of their participants. The experiences brought to the debate illustrate everyday and structural factors that (dis)encourage involvement in social and solidarity economy experiences in contemporary Portugal.

Bio notes
Guilherme Raj is Brazilian, born in Rio de Janeiro, and is in the 3rd year of his PhD at Utrecht University, Netherlands. His research is focused on power relations within grassroots communities in the agro-food sector, and how such relations influence processes of social transformation that emerge from these collective dynamics. In particular, transformations towards (a) post-capitalist labour relations, (b) queer empowerment in local agri-food systems, and (c ) greater valorisation of the role of women producers in the construction of collective experiences. Guilherme is a member of the Rizoma Cooperativa Integral in Lisbon and is involved with different AMAPs in Portugal and Italy in the scope of his research.

Filipe Olival, born in Madeira Island, is a PhD student at the University of Coimbra and an associate member of the Centro em Rede de Investigação em Antropologia. His research focuses on the tensions between the production of market value and the reproduction of ethical values in community economy projects. He questions the possibilities of maintaining an economic activity based not on profit but on democratic decisions that reflect the values of the community itself. His case studies are the integral cooperatives Rizoma and Minga, and AMAP Maravilha.


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