Created in September 2009, CES Lisbon delegation foments and strengthens the outreach activities of the Centre for Social Studies, as well as partnerships and national cooperation actions and internationalization initiatives.

Due to its privileged location, CES Lisbon acts as a support office engaged in CES activities and its researchers, providing support in research projects and in the resulting outreach activities, in media relations, in the implementation of Summer Schools and in advanced training activities for public sector, companies and organizations’ middle and upper management.

CES Lisbon is also oriented towards the promotion of partnerships for research and civic intervention with other research centres, institutions and other national and international organizations.

Acting in conjunction with the Observatory on Crises and Alternatives, CES Lisbon claims, within the public sphere, counter-hegemonic interpretations of crises and alternatives favouring emancipatory responses, essentially in four thematic areas: i) labour market dynamics; ii) relations between finances and economy; iii) Welfare State and social policies; iv) State, governance and democracy. Research conducted in these areas has been disseminated in books, journals, barometers or in public debates, serving as the basis for the discussion for the often-co-organized debates with other organizations and institutions, in Lisbon and in other locations.

Inauguration speech - Boaventura de Sousa Santos (in Portuguese)