Camões Virtual Centre e-learning courses [2nd semester]

Subalternities in the South Atlantic/Portugal: Memories of the end of the empire

Applications until February 14, 2021

The following e-learning application period of the Camões Virtual Centre for the 2nd semester 2020/21, is running until February 14, 2021:

a) Subalternities in the South Atlantic
Summary: Advanced postgraduate course dedicated to the South Atlantic, in particular its foundation/formation and the historical, political, social and cultural consequences that have determined it and that are projected onto the contemporary horizon. The course, which renews the tradition of the e-learning courses "Post-Colonial Studies-South Atlantic" is a genealogical one: it starts from the contemporaneity to analyse the effects of the slave trade in different contexts such as that of Portugal and Brazil and deepens the knowledge of the narratives going back to the beginnings of the conceptual, political and social space of the southern Atlantic.

Partnership: Camões, I.P., and Chair Eduardo Lourenço/ Università degli Studi di Bologna

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(b) Portugal: Memories of the end of the empire

Memories of the end of the empire is an advanced post-graduate course that performs a "spetrography" -in all senses- of the traces of Portugal's past in Africa. The process of building a memory of Africa, the battlefield for building a contemporary memory of colonialism and its problematic ends, the horizons of a possible common memory of this complex time, which combines past and present, are at the centre of the reflections launched in the course.

Partnership: Camões, I.P.- Chair Eduardo Lourenço/ Università degli Studi di Bologna - Project Memoirs Sons of the Empire and European Postmemories ERC Horizon 2020 n.648624 based at the Centre for Social Studies (CES)/University of Coimbra.

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