5th Annual Report of the Observatory on Crises and Alternatives

«Como reorganizar um país vulnerável?» | Ed: José Reis

Atual | 2020


Macroeconomics and economic organisation, public policies, labour, employment and production, urban territories, environment, families, social interdependencies and inequalities. These could be the key words in this book for us to study vulnerabilities to which we must give due consideration. But we are also interested in the alternatives. And they are proposed here in all areas. The radical uncertainty that surrounds us is the strongest invitation to discuss and look at the essentials, knowing that we cannot find the terms of the discussion in old rationalities or old restrictions. It is life that imposes itself on us as our greatest value. Both individual lives and the life that must guide our collective reorganization, in the economy, in society, in the public and political space.

The book Como reorganizar um país vulnerável?  is the result of the fifth annual report of the Observatory on Crisis and Alternatives. Each chapter of the book is presented in small, identically constructed, three-page texts: the identification of a problem and the formulation of an alternative. The texts, sorted by authors' names, can be accessed HERE.