Workshop | Roundtable of Knowledges

Laboratory of transdisciplinary artistic research. Artistic practices in thinking-feeling knowledge

October 27, 2022, 09h30-13h30

Room 1, CES | Alta


Unlike the conception of art as representation and reception, artistic practices revolve around the socio-pedagogical function of an act that reveals itself as enunciation. This act consists of the still time of an experience, a dream, a declaration or a rebellion transmitted through a poem, an image, a sound or a movement. And also of all these at the same time, as an integral expression of ideographic scenarios representative of experiences. In this sense, we treat art from the conception of cultural practice as a response to schemes of domination. But above all, as aesthetic forms with which we try to build new horizons of emancipation, based on a democratic culture.

This workshop is based on artistic practice as an identity expression of the imaginary of those who are in processes of counter-hegemonic resistance. Basically, it consists in the detection and exploration of domination devices through daily logics. These devices are materialized through actions, images, archives, etc., and allow us to rehearse alternative spaces of coexistence through an aesthetics that takes into account the historical experiences of communities and people.

The methodology crosses two fields of practical application that have in common the search for plural and reciprocal knowledge. On the one hand, participatory action research (Fals-Borda, 2015), which supports the complicity of communities' experiences as a valid knowledge space. On the other hand, Arts-Based Research from an action perspective where there is no separation between subjects, between theories and practices or between research and artistic practices (Borgdorff, 2012). Therefore, the workshop will be a space to share a research experience guided by the participants' social and cultural practice.

NOTE on the title: Thinking-feeling is a concept by Orlando Fals Borda, Colombian critical sociologist and one of the founders of Participatory Action Research in Latin America. It is a very specific concept, which refers to the senses in the search for knowledge (in the case of this workshop, to the body as a space for thought-reflection).

This workshop will be limited to a maximum of 20 participants who will be selected by order of registration.

Workshop organised within the Methodology Series "Roundtable of Knowlegdes" | Session led by Manuel Muñoz Bellerin and Cláudia Pato de Carvalho (CES) |

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