CES Summer School

Epistemologies of the South VI: Existing, Resisting, and Fighting through the Arts

27, 28, 29, 30 June, 2022 & 04, 05, 06, 07 July, 2022

Online event

Teaching team

Sofia da Palma Rodrigues is the editor of Divergente, a digital magazine of narrative journalism. She holds a PhD in Post-Colonialism and Global Citizenship from the University of Coimbra and is part of Bagabaga Studios, a cooperative of multimedia creation, where she participated in the direction, production and script writing of several projects that cross the worlds of journalism, cinema and academia. In recent years, Sofia da Palma Rodrigues has studied the micronarratives that recount the experiences and affections experienced by the African Commandos in Guinea who fought alongside the Portuguese Army during the Colonial War, and the impacts of silencing these voices on the decolonization that Portugal has yet to accomplish.

Renan Inquérito is Brazilian, RAPist and SARAUzist, PhD in Geography and visiting professor at UFABC (Universidade Estadual do ABC). He started his career as a teacher in rural settlements, and later on taught in elementary and high schools, as well as in colleges. Artistically, he has been active in hip-hop culture since 1997, when he founded the rap group Inquérito, with which he recorded nine albums, dozens of songs, music videos, and hundreds of concerts. His academic production does not abandon his life experience, as can be seen in his Master's Dissertation Território Usado: Cada Canto um Rap, Cada Rap um Canto (Used Territory: Every Corner a Rap, Every Rap a Corner) defended at UNICAMP in 2010. His Doctoral thesis is O Relevo da Voz: Um Grito Cartográfico dos Saraus em São Paulo (The Relief of the Voice: A Cartographic Scream of the Saraus in São Paulo), defended at UNESP in 2019. With the Portuguese sociologist Boaventura de Sousa Santos he wrote the script for the show Opera Rap Global (2013) and participated in the book In the Workshop of the Artisan Sociologist (2019)..

Viviana Checchia is a curator and researcher active internationally. She is currently  Residency Curator at Delfina Foundation, London. Previous to this role she was Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at HDK-Valand, Gothenburg and before that, Public Engagement Curator at the Centre for Contemporary Arts: Glasgow. Checchia has also produced and contributed to a range of international projects, including the Young Artist of the Year Award 2014 in Ramallah and the 4th Athens Biennale. For the past eleven years, she has co-directed ‘vessel’, a curatorial platform based in Puglia, Italy. In 2013, Checchia was a recipient of the ICI/DEDALUS Research Award for research carried out in the United States into socially engaged practices, and in 2016 she was awarded the Igor Zabel Award for Culture and Theory Laureate’s Choice for her contributions to the understanding and international profiling of Eastern European art.

Inês Nascimento Rodrigues is a researcher at the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra in the research line "Europe and the Global South: heritage and dialogues". She is a member of the coordination team of the CES Trauma Observatory. Currently, she is developing her research in the scope of the project "CROME - Crossed Memories, Politics of Silence: the colonial and liberation wars in post-colonial times", coordinated by Miguel Cardina and financed by the European Research Council. Inês Nascimento Rodrigues holds a PhD in Postcolonialism and Global Citizenship from CES/FEUC, having elaborated a study on the "Batepá Massacre", in São Tomé and Príncipe, which won the 11th edition of the CES Award for Young Social Scientists of Portuguese Language. Her current research interests focus on memory and cultural studies, post-colonial theories and debates on the representation and commemoration of colonial and liberation wars.