Gender Workshop Series XIII Opening Concert

Batucadeiras Bandeirinhas da Boba

October 22, 2022, 16h00

Pátio do Centro de Artes Visuais (Coimbra)


Musical performance, narratives and memories of black women. Opening concert of the Gender Workshop Series XIII (2022/2023)

Based in Casal de São Braz in the municipality of Amadora in Lisbon, the Bandeirinha batucadeiras group was created in 2016 by a group of Cape Verdean women, domestic workers, with the aim of building a space for intimacy, complicity and sharing, through batuque, this Cape Verdean cultural genre, deeply griotic in its methodology, where the word is sung, danced, performed from the Cape Verdean language. The group defines its space as a territory of "breathing", where each element can relieve the problems of life, especially work, being able to express itself freely and in totality, giving the body all the possibilities of manifestation without ties or worries and above all, without any form of domestication. Besides being the place where relationships between members are woven, Bandeirinha plays an important educational role within the Boba community and beyond, with memory and history as its main tools. The condition of the black, African, mother and working woman, youth, Africa, racism, insults and injustices in the world of work, respect for the elderly and the community, the right to a dignified life, everyday life, are some of the various themes that run through her artistic work, which assumes an engaged positioning of her political territory.

Under the Initiative «Afro-Portugal: Contas de Torna-Viagem», organised by Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente and Teatro da Cerca de S. Bernardo