Seminar | HEALTH: Critical Studies and New Activisms

«Each day I learn from my patients»: change and tensions in LGBTQIA+ mental health, between activisms, academy and clinical practice. 

Filipe Couto Gomes

Rita Alcaire

June 29, 2022, 15h00 (GMT+1)

Online event

Under the Series HEALTH: Critical Studies and New Activisms, this seminar counts with Rita Alcaire (CES) and Filipe Couto Gomes (Amadora Treatment Crew - DICAD-ARSLVT) as speakers | Moderator: Susana de Noronha and Tiago Pires Marques (CES)

Bio notes

Rita Alcaire is Postdoctoral Researcher (Democracy, Citizenship and Law Research Group). Consultant for KINDER - Tackling gender stereotypes in education and early childhood: building a Gender-Responsive Pedagogy in Children´s Education. She holds a PhD in Human Rights in Contemporary Societies(CES / III) with the thesis 'The Asexual Revolution: discussing human rights through the lens of asexuality in Portugal', which analyses narratives about asexuality by health professionals, media and asexual people, with the purpose of challenging and rethinking the notion of human rights. Co-coordinator of Social and Cultural Psychiatry MA (Faculty of Medicine), she has developed outreach and advocacy activities in this area of expertise. She is part of the organization of the advanced training cycle Publish do Not Perish - Survive the Stampede and of SHARP Talks- Sexuality, Health and Human Rights, at CES. Her research interests focus on the study of gender and sexualities, mental health and pop culture, using different media as a privileged way to engage with them. Most significant publications include the chapters 'Asexuality as an Epistemological Lens: An Evolving Multi-Layered Approach '(SAGE, 2020), 'Disavowing psychiatry: activism, health policies and health as a political act' (IUC, 2020) and 'The asexual community discusses its struggle tp find acceptance'(EDUEL, 2019).

Filipe Couto Gomes is a psychiatrist in Lisbon, post-graduate in Social and cultural Psychiatry and in Sexology. Between 2015 and 2020, collaborated with the  Sexology Conslutation at CHPL. Consultancy, educational and training actions, counseling and clinical intervention, under the scope of SNS (ARSLVT-DICAD) services for LGBTQI+ people  and grassroots organisations


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