Talk IV | Restless Talks: Can Care Be Subversive?

Art as Care

September 15, 2022, 18h00

Rádio Baixa (Coimbra) +

Moderator: Catarina Silva and Pedro Cosme (Mundus Collective)

In a competitive ecosystem, whether in the market context or in the search for funds, support, arts and artists submit themselves to logics of productivity and precariousness that overflow into their practices. How can we conceive art as care in this context?

Bio notes
Vicente Arlandis
| Performing arts artist and creator. Graduated from the Escuela Superior de Arte Dramática in Valencia and Master in Artistic Production from the Faculty of BB.AA of Valencia and from Apass (Performance in Advanced Performance Training) in Brussels. He works as a performer, researcher and teacher of Performing Arts. Currently, he is part of TALLER PLACER, a collective dedicated to cultural production around philosophy, work, literature, politics and living arts, in which he works actively with Paula Miralles. In the Festival de Artes Performativas Linha de Fuga he presents the show "El esfuerzo constante de ganarse la vida", a performance where he tries to work on the minimum, the fair and what he understands as reasonable. He talks to us about what he thinks about discipline, the dancer's work and the hijacking of our time.

Patrícia Portela | Focuses on performances and literary works, lives between Portugal and Belgium. Studied scenography, dramaturgy, philosophy, dance and cinema in Lisbon, Utrecht, Antwerp, London, Helsinki, Ebeltoft and Leuven. She briefly lived in Macao, Paris and Poznan but for purely personal reasons. She travels regularly throughout Europe and the world and is recognised nationally and internationally for her unique work, for which she has received several awards. She is the author of novels and novellas such as Banquete (2012, finalist of the Grande Prémio de Romance e Novela APE) or Hífen (finalist of the Correntes d'Escritas Prize in 2022 and written with a DGLAB grant). She has been a regular columnist for Jornal de Letras, Artes e Ideias since 2017, and was a columnist on Antena 1 radio on Fio da Meada on Tuesdays for 6 months in 2020. She spent the pandemic at the head of an open-door theatre in Viseu.

Inês Capelo | Grew up in Coimbra and Figueira da Foz. She got in touch with the classical piano early on (at the insistence of her mother, who is also a musician and artist) and later decided to follow studies in Covilhã, in the Cinema Course. She left with more uncertainties than the will to remain in the audiovisual area. She returned to Coimbra, where she was part of the collective life of two of the city's repúblicas and several informal student organisations. She took a course in light technique at TEUC, organised concerts and produced, as a collective, two editions of Cria'ctividade. In her spare time, she even attended classes of the Master's in Curatorial Studies at the University of Coimbra, which she "didn't like at all". She dropped out of the course and started emigrating seasonally to Iceland, working in the restaurant industry. Recently, she was production assistant for a feature film and for a film exhibition on Pico Island. She will start a Master in Artistic Education this year. She believes that the most interesting thing about art is the people who make it.

Thiago Granato | Brazilian dance artist engaged in creating choreographies with the potential to develop different ways of approaching movement. His productions are the result of processes that insist on promoting experiences of political transformation through aesthetic innovation. His works have been shown in South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. He studied in the Ex.e.r.ce 8 Programme at the Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier (France - 2008) and in the NPP - New Performative Practices Master Programme at DOCH - Uniarts in Stockholm (Sweden - 2019). He lives in Berlin.