The impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic in immigrant and refugee populations: a dialogue on the observations and analyses of Brazil and of Europe. 

Álvaro Azevedo

Carolina Piccolotto Galib

Nadejda Marques

May 11, 2021, 14h00 (GMT +01:00)

Online event


Refugees and migrants often face health complications due to violence, abuse and hardship suffered in wars, conflicts and during displacement from their countries. Many live in communities, overcrowded remote camps or on the outskirts of metropolitan areas without acceptable basic sanitation and where access to health services or medical care are often rare events. Considering these and other issues under the COVID-19 pandemic, this event presents observations and analyses of the pandemic's impact on immigrant and refugee populations in Brazil and Europe.  


Nadejda Marques - CES - - will present preliminary results from research on the impact of the pandemic on immigrant and refugee communities in Southern Europe. 

Álvaro Azevedo - PUC/SP - will present on the experiences of immigrants and refugees in Brazil during the pandemic.

Carolina Piccolotto Galib - PUC - Campinas e PUC/SP - will present on the Open Doors Project of PUC/SP services to refugees and immigrants in São Paulo

Comments: José Manuel Mendes - University of Coimbra, Centre for Social Studies, Faculty of Economics 


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