Gender Workshop Series XI: Feminist Arts of Words



In line with previous editions, the Gender Workshop Series XI (GWS XI) aims to provide a space for discussion of issues associated with feminist, women's and gender issues in an interdisciplinary manner, inviting people from the most diverse backgrounds, such as academics, activists, artists, etc. It consists of a monthly series of workshops that will generally take place on the last Thursday of each month, from November 2020 to July 2021. In this edition, GWS XI is affiliated with the doctoral programme in Feminist Studies and the winter school Feminist Ecologies of Knowledges.

This year's general theme - "Feminist Arts of Words" – will be a motto for monthly conversations with authors, poets, and other curators of the arts of words, on feminist, gender, and colonial issues. We will bring forth a broad spectrum of authors who have looked at the colonial past and its reflections on the present. A feminist writing workshop is also planned for the closing.
Due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, throughout this edition the GWS XI will adapt to the constraints dictated by health management. We propose a mixed model of seminars: face-to-face and distance learning. The face-to-face workshops and the final workshop will, naturally, rely on the evolution of the pandemic situation and subsequent indications from the DGS. 

Organising team: Catarina Martins, Teresa Cunha, Luciana Moreira, Monise Martinez.