XV Young Social Scientists

Growing old without growing up? Resistance strategies of science professionals facing precariousness

October 12, 2020, 10h30 (GMT +01:00)

Online event


Since 2005, CES has organised an Annual Seminar Series to understand, reflect and discuss research produced inside and outside Portugal by young social scientists. At the root of this series stood the will to promote interdisciplinary dialogue based on work produced in other institutions. To this end, we have counted on the contribution of some of the most promising young social scientists, who have been joined by actors with different knowledges. Thus, these meetings have included people from various areas and academic institutions and from different civil society organisations.

The XV Edition of Young Social Scientists adopted the theme of precarious paths and resistance strategies of "Young" researchers.

As a workforce, can we grow old without growing up? What limits and possibilities does a young researcher currently face in building a path in science? We cannot say that precariousness is bound to age, when grey-haired "young scientists", despite being at the end of their careers, remain in the initial category/income stages of a researcher. How did DL57/2016 (Transitional Standard), PREVPAP and the Scientific Employment Stimulus Call (CEEC-IND), supported by associations and unions, redefine this situation? What personal and professional strategies do these researchers activate in order to firm and consolidate their position in science making in a context of instability and uncertainty? What kind of resources, from biographical chance to thought and planned strategies, are used to shape a profile and path that can make them stand out in a crowd?  Retrospectively, but imagining the future(s), what brought them to science, how did they reinvent and readapt themselves over the years and what do they hope to be and achieve in the profession? Is science a “country for old people” or can young people cross the border with the right baggage of themes, theories and methodologies? Assuming that no one finds and holds a “place” by themselves, what networks of relationships, affections and professional solidarities do these researchers weave to have a paid job now and after? In the face of the current pandemic, confining and virtualizing many of research activities, from field work to the organisation of events, what obstacles have been encountered and what possibilities have opened up in the daily effort to resist precariousness and build a career? The "Young Social Scientists 2020 Edition" will reflect on the construction of these presents and futures, from problems to solutions, remaking lives and reimagining professions, sharing strategies of resistance so that others (young or old) can multiply them. We will start from the experiences and voices of the researchers themselves, of those who stay, leave or change, working and resisting.


Coordinators: Susana de Noronha, Sidh Losa Mendiratta and Luciana Sotero

[Activity under the CES-UC Doctoral Programmes Welcome Week]

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