The fear of crime in Brazil and current processes of subjectivation

Cristina Rauter (Universidade Federal Fluminense)

February 14, 2019, 15h00

Room 2, CES | Alta


In this seminar we intend to present a study on the issue of crime in Brazil as a phenomenon with multiple dimensions: historical, political, institutional, media, producing effects on the processes of subjectivation. Considering fear as the main phenomenon related to these processes, we seek to understand it from the Spinoza's theory of affects, in a transdisciplinary perspective.

Bio note

Cristina Rauter - Full Professor of Social and Institutional Psychology at the Fluminense Federal University. She was a psychologist in the penitentiary system of the State of Rio de Janeiro. Was member of the clinical team of the Tortura Nunca Mais Group in Rio de Janeiro. PhD in Clinical Psychology from PUC São Paulo (1998). Master in Philosophy at PUC  Rio de Janeiro (1982) Degree in Psychology at UFRJ (1975). PostPost-doctorate in philosophy at the University of Amiens. (2011)
Author of the books Criminologia e Subjeitivdade no Brasil. Rio de Janeiro, Editora Revan, 2003; Clínica do Esquecimento. Eduff, 2012; O Medo do Crime no Brasil: Controle Social e Rebelião, E-Papers, 2017.

Organisers: Doctoral Programme Human Rights in Contemporary Societies