Feminism, putrid powers and resistance

Simone Schmidt (UFSC/CNPq)

September 9, 2019, 14h00

Room 1, CES | Alta


The research I am  now beginning develops on the theme of writings of resistance by women in Portuguese-speaking African countries, Brazil and Portugal (focusing especially on periods of state authoritarianism: Salazarist colonialism and military dictatorship in Brazil). Taking, therefore, resistance as guiding theme, in this paper I intend to analyse the main epistemological and political contributions that feminism has to offer us, particularly in regressive historical contexts, such as the one in Brazil today, understanding the potentiality of resistance and transformation that feminist practices and theories represent from their inception. In the writings of female authorship that I intend to focus, albeit briefly, we reveal past and present issues where gender, race, class and ethnicity intersect, resonating voices of resistance to patriarchy, tyranny, violences... 


Bio note

Simone Pereira Schmidt holds a PhD in Literary Theory from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUC-RS) and has a postdoctoral degree in Portuguese Language Literatures at Universidade Nova de Lisboa (2005) and African Portuguese Literatures at Federal Fluminense University  (2012). Full Professor at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, she teaches and supervises at the Portuguese Language Course, the Graduate Programme in Literature and the Interdisciplinary Programme in Human Sciences at UFSC.

She is a researcher at CNPq, associated to Literatual/UFSC (Research Group on Contemporary Literature-Feminist and Postcolonial Studies of Contemporary Narratives), to IEG/UFSC (Institute of Gender Studies), to the GT “Woman in Literature” of ANPOLL and the Research Group “Postcolonial Perspectives: Portuguese Literatures and Cultures” (UFF-CNPq).

She works in the areas of feminist and postcolonial studies, developing research on “African authors and the construction of a Southern thought”. Author of books such as Gênero e história no romance português and Poéticas e políticas feministas, she has published several articles in Brazil and abroad. She is currently preparing a new research project entitled "Aesthetic/Political Dialogues in the South: Women and Writings of Resistance in the Portuguese Language Context".

Event under the Doctoral Programme in Feminist Studies and NHUMEP | Humanities, Migration and Peace Studies Research Group