Gender workshop

Legal narratives and feminist sense of justice

Joana Aguiar e Silva

Madalena Duarte

February 28, 2019, 17h00

Room 2, CES | Alta


The central object under discussion in this workshop is justice. Justice as language, method and principle. The history, philosophy and sociology of law will be combined here to analyse the place and meaning of the normative production of social life, based on two distinct but dialogical approaches: from the hermeneutic and literary conception of law in the understanding of sources and legal interpretation, to the legal and social function, be it repressive or emancipatory, which recognizes, claims and reaps the law.

"Justice, jurisprudence and gender: hermeneutical challenges" - Joana Aguiar e Silva | EDUM
"Law, justice and feminisms: perspectives on the legal culture" - Madalena Duarte | CES / FEUC

Bio Notes

Joana Aguiar e Silva - Associate Professor at the Law School of the University of Minho. Graduated in Law from the Law Faculty of the University of Coimbra, she completed a Masters and PhD in Legal Sciences at the University of Minho.  Her research work has developed in the areas of Methodology, History and Philosophy of Law, with particular emphasis on the domains of legal language and hermeneutics and in the field of the relations between Law and Literature, areas in which she has published regularly.

Madalena Duarte - Researcher at the Centre for Social Studies and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra. Holds a PhD in Sociology with the thesis Para um direito sem margens: representações sobre o Direito e a violência contra as mulheres". Her areas of interest include sociology of law, feminist studies, criminology, gender violence and social movements.

Coordinating Committee of the Gender Workshop Series: Ana Lúcia Santos, Ana Oliveira, Catarina Martins, Luciana Moreira, Teresa Cunha