RAPthinking Social Sciences and Politics 

July 5 and 6, 2017

Teatro da Cerca de S. Bernardo (Coimbra)


All knowledge is incomplete and constitutes a system of knowledge and ignorance. There are no complete knowledges. Social sciences, though valuable, are limited to reflections accommodated to their narrative logic and to the political imagination that fits into their own creative horizon. Ecology of knowledges is a proposal for the broadening of the scientific canon from the horizontal combination of knowledges and different narrative logics, valuing the cross between art and science, university knowledge and street-born knowledge. In this event, rappers and social scientists accommodate heterogeneous logics and narratives and collectively reflect on epistemological and political issues, such as the relationship between art, science and political intervention; women’s rights and expectations; and racism and xenophobia. 


Organisers: CES, ALICE, CHAM
Organising Committee: Boaventura de Sousa Santos, Carlos Guerra Junior (Mossoró), Federica Lupati, Márcia Leão, Renan Inquérito and Sara Araújo