Advanced Training Course

Electoral Observation

16, 17, 23 e 24 de novembro de 2018

CES | Alta


16 November

10h – 13h | Opening Session: Electoral Processes: Through the Lenses of International Electoral Assistance, Sead Alihodzic, International IDEA
1) The Importance of Electoral Observation: Risks and Opportunities - Carla Luís

14h30 – 17h30
2) Democracy, democratization and the importance of local Paula Duarte Lopes
3) Democracy, international framework and electoral assistance. The various forms of electoral assistance, in particular the UN - Carla Luís
4) The importance of human rights in electoral processes - Daniela Nascimento

17 November

10h – 13h
5) Planting Elections in Barren Soil? Timing and Sequencing of Transitional Elections”, Sead Alihodzic, International IDEA
6) Portugal and the importance of electoral observation missions - José Luís Coelho Silva, MNE/DGPE, Coord. missões de observação eleitoral internacional

14h30 – 17h30
7) European Union Election Observation Missions - Office of the European Commission in Portugal, Margarida Alves, Electoral Observation expert
8) Electoral revolutions in the post-Soviet space Licínia Simão
9) Electoral Observation: Roundtable and Debate - Carla Luís, Licínia Simão, Margarida Alves


23 November

10h – 13h
1) Structure of Electoral Observation Missions and their components; the various types of observers (core team, long term, short term) - Carla Luís
2) The subjects covered by electoral observation and the approach to the electoral cycle - Carla Luís

14h30 – 17h30
3) How to set up an election observation mission. Electoral observation as a research tool - Paula Duarte Lopes
4) International standards and electoral observation: methodologies and institutions Carla Luís

24 November

10h – 13h
5) The role and impact of the media in electoral processes - Teresa Coutinho, European Parliament Office in Portugal
6) International standards and benchmarking. In detail: the approach to the electoral cycle; electoral integrity and its components. Regional instruments - Carla Luís

14h30 – 17h30
9) Role play, simulation and scenario creation, with diverse stakeholders and surroundings - practical exercise - Carla Luís