Training Course on shared research

Spaces and Transitions: Sharing biographies and projects in the reinvention of the Centro Comercial Avenida

January 27 to 29, 2014

CES-Coimbra and Departament of Architecture of the University of Coimbra


  January 27
(Room 1 - CES)

9h30 Course opening session: Elsa Lechner, Giovanni Allegretti, Paulo Providência

Session I – History and  the present of Centro Comercial Avenida (CCA)
10h00 | History of Teatro Avenida, the Avenue and the CCA  (Rui Lobo)
10h45 | Urban articulation and mechanizing access to CCA (G. C. Moniz and  A. Lousa)
11h30 | Coffee break
11h45 | Shopping Avenida, 4th floor": voices and shadows of immigrants in Coimbra  (Elsa Lechner)
Comentator: José António Bandeirinha

13h00 Lunch

Session II – Participated project and society
14h30 | Planning for real (Alessandro Colombo)
15h00 | Imigration and urban exclusion  (Elena Tarsi and  Giovanni Allegretti)
15h30 | Social construction of knowledge in architecture (Paulo Providência)
Comentator: Clara Keating
16h15 | Coffee break
16h30-18h00 | Keynote lecture: TBC

January 28  (Room- T2 Departament of Architecture of the UC)

9h15h-11h15 - "Fotography, representation and alterity ", José Maçãs de Carvalho
11h15 | Coffee-break
11h30-13h30 | Photographic collection at CC Avenida
13h30 | Lunch
15h00-17h00 | Photographs Analysis

January 29 – Spaces and transitions: screenings (Room 1- CES)

10h00 | Keynote lecture: Giovanni Attili
11h30 | Coffee-break
12h00 | Film screening by Giovanni Attilli
13h00 | Lunch
14h30 | Joint debate and assessment