Advanced Training Course

Oral History: Methods, Practices and Problems

November 28 and 29, 2013, 10h00

Room 1, CES-Coimbra

This initiative aims to promote and encourage debate in the theoretical and methodological fields of Oral History. This field is understood here very broadly, as a field that crossed and crosses different practices and epistemological perspectives. Taking as its object the study of the testimonial study of individual and collective past, oral history falls in the field of historical disciplines, despite that fact that its recognition has to face, even in this particular, some resistance. Interested in the dynamics related to memory and representations, oral history in the meantime, reveals itself as an interdisciplinary practice that crosses and dialogues with Sociology, Anthropology, Literary Studies or Psychology. A field still emerging in Portugal,  Oral History has been given attention by the y located sectors of the  Academia and beyond, but still remains as an area whose potential is largely untapped.

This advanced training course will have invited speakers  working  under Oral History or in border areas.

Course Structure
Having eminently training scope, the course will consist of blocks of theme analysis and/or analysis of reference texts, as well as two round tables.

Composed by CES’ doctoral courses students, CES researchers, researchers of the other institutions, post-doctoral students and undergraduates from the UC and other campuses.

Registrations free of cost, but mandatory, and limited to available seats

Note: Within the Humanities, Migration and Peace Studies Research Group (NHUMEP), in partnership with the 25th April Centre of Documentation (CD25A)

Coordenation: Miguel Cardina and Rui Bebiano