Advanced Training Course

Constitution and Labour Law

18, 19, 25 and 26 November, 2011


The Justice XXI: Advanced Training Program 2011, offered by the Portuguese Judges’ Association, the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra / Permanent Observatory for Portuguese Justice and the Portuguese Association of Judges and Public Prosecutors, presents its 3rd course for 2011 intituled "Constitution and Labour Law".

2011 is a year in which a concurrence of several crises, animated by the high notoriety of the financial and economic crises and other obstacles, particularly affects the foundations of social and labour rights of the Portuguese citizens. At the European level, as well as at the national level, solidarity seems to be an empty word and, contrary to the structuring foundations of the European Union, the social harmonization in progress is denied.

The anxiety felt by both the legal profession and the citizen lies on the uncertainty of the answer to the question which used to be unimaginable: how far can social regression go? The reaffirmed (and not undermined) Law must develop the answer. The Constitution of the Portuguese Republic must contain that answer. The standards from the International Labour Organization must be considered as interesting and present anchors.

This course attempts to organize a reflection around the question, from the perspective of the fundamental rights of workers, constitutionally consecrated and, also, summoning the 35 years of experience in the application of the 1976 Portuguese Constitution to the work world.


Target public
The advanced training courses are aimed at all the justice professionals or with a special connection to this sector, namely judges, public prosecutors, lawyers, legal officers, criminal police bodies, the media, technicians from State Institutions, non-governmental associations or organizations and PhD and Master's students.


Course Coordinators: Luís Azevedo Mendes (ASJP), Manuel Carvalho da Silva (CES/OPJ) and Viriato Reis (SMMP)

Venue: Centre for Social Studies of University of Coimbra, Coimbra

Course duration: 25 Hours

Modes of Registration:
- General Fee (180 Euros)
- ASJP Associates: benefit from a 30% discount (126 Euros) – on registration form, select “ASJP Associate”
- Lawyers and trainee lawyers registered at the District Council of Coimbra of the Portuguese Bar Association: benefit from a 30% discount (126 Euros) – on registration form, select “Lawyers and trainee lawyers registered at the District Council of Coimbra of the Portuguese Bar Association”
- SMMP Members: benefit of a 30% discount (126 Euros), under the established protocol – on registration form, select the option “SMMP Member”.
- Lawyers and Trainee Lawyers registered in District Councils of Évora, Lisbon, Porto: benefit of a 10% discount (162 Euros), under the established protocol. - On registration form, select “lawyer/trainee lawyer”.

Limit of participants: 40

Deadline for registration: November 15, 2011

Phone: 239 855 570/72/74
Fax: 239 855 589