Advanced Training Course

Secularism: Theory and Practice in Dialogue

19 e 20 de Novembro de 2010

CES - Coimbra

Provisional Program


November 29th, 2010

9:30–9:50 | Mathias Thaler:Course presentation

I: Theology

9h50–10h30 | Teresa Toldy:“Secularism and reason in Pope Ratzinger’s thinking”

10h30–11h20 | Debate

11h20–11h30 | Coffee break

11h30–12h10 | Silas Oliveira:“Church and State: marriages of convenience and contentious separations”

12h10–13h00 | Debate

13h–14h30 | Lunch

II: Philosophic perspectives

14h30–15h10 | João Cardoso Rosas:“How to change the basic structure?”

15h10–16h | Debate

16h–16h10 | Coffee break

16h10–16h50 | Roberto Merrill:“How can liberal neutrality and perfectionism be convergent ideals?”

16h50–17h40 | Debate




19:00–20:30 | Roundtable with Fernando Catroga

“Between God and Caesar. Secularism, Laity and Civil Religion”


  • Fernando Catroga
  • AbdoolKarim Vakil
  • Teresa Toldy
  • Silas Oliveira


November 20th, 2010

III: Interdisciplinary approaches

10h00–10h40 | AbdoolKarim Vakil:“Europe, Islam, Secularism: Histories with Ghosts”

10h40–11h30 | Debate

11h30–11h40 | Coffee break

11h40–12h20 |:Ângelo Cardita:“Religious rites and secular rites”

12h20–13h10 | Debate

13h10–14h30 | Lunch

IV: Anthropology

14h30–15h10 | Clemens Zobel

15h10–16h | Debate