Advanced Training Course

Challenges to Labour Law – The new code in action

November 5 to 13, 2010

Seminar Room (2nd Floor), CES - Coimbra



The Advanced Training Program Justice XXI, proposed by the Trade Union Association of Portuguese Judges (ASJP) and by the Centre for Social Studies/Permanent Observatory for Portuguese Justice of University of Coimbra, presents the 4th course in 2010, entitled “Challenges to Labour Law – The new code in action”.

2010 is a year in which the profound legislative changes call for new dynamics in the application of Labour Law.

The new 2009 Labour Law, the new regime for work accidents, the new regime for work contracts in the public service, the new regime for labour infractions, the significant changes of the Code of Labour Procedure begin, this year, to have repercussions to the activity of courts and companies, in the world of work.

A greater simplification, more labour guarantees and protection mechanisms, a more flexible approach to regulation and contracts?

What substantive changes do the new legal dynamics bring us? What is the legal and social basis of the new Codes? What are the consequences to the legal professionals’ activity and to the companies and workers’ lives?

This course seeks to organize a reflection around these questions, from the perspective of the challenges faced by Labour Law in a time of global instability and uncertain economic and social recovery.

Target Public

This advanced training course is aimed at all the justice professionals or with a special connection to this sector, namely Judges, Public Ministry Magistrates, Lawyers, legal officers, technicians from State Institutions, trade union or employers’ association members, media agents and post-doctoral students (Master’s or Doctoral degrees).

Course Coordinators

António Casimiro Ferreira (CES/UC)
José Eusébio de Almeida (ASJP)
Luís Azevedo Mendes (ASJP)

Venue and logistic support

Centre for Social Studies of University of Coimbra

Deadline for registration

November 3rd, 2010


Modes of Registration

• General Fee (160 Euros)

• ASJP associates benefit from a 30% discount (112 Euros) – on registration form, select “ASJP Associate”

SMMP members benefit of a 10% discount (144 Euros), under the established protocol – on registration form, select the option “SMMP Member”

• Lawyers and Trainee Lawyers registered in District Councils of Coimbra, Évora, Lisboa and Porto benefit of a 10% discount (162 Euros), under the agreed protocol – on registration form, select “lawyer/trainee lawyer”

Limit of participants: 40


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Phone: 239 855 570/72/74
Fax:239 855 589



November 5th (Friday)

14:30 – 18:00

- Course Opening

- José Maria Castro Caldas (CES/UC researcher) – “The new social agenda: flexibility and employment”;

- Júlio Vieira Gomes (Portuguese Catholic University, Porto) – “The logic of the New Codes – the new legal basis of Labour Law”


November 6th (Saturday)

10:00 – 13:00

- Viriato Reis (Public Prosecutor at the Lisbon Labour Court) – “The new regime for labour infractions”

- Fernando Ribeiro Lopes (Director-General of the Employment and Labour Relations Directorate -General) – “The 2009 Labour Code – Dismissal for corporate restructuring”

14:30 – 18:00

“Work accidents: qualification and compensation”

- Paulo Morgado de Carvalho (Public Prosecutor and former Labour Inspector General)
- António Casimiro Ferreira (FEUC and CES/UC)


November 12th (Friday)

14:00 – 18:00

“Work contracts in the public service”

- Albertina Pereira (Judge at the Lisbon Court of Appeal)
- José Augusto Ferreira da Silva (Lawyer)

- João Reis (FDUC) – “Binding and competition of the collective labour regulation instruments”


November 13th (Saturday)

10:30 – 13:00

- Sónia Kietzmann Lopes (Judge) – “The 2009 Labour Code – Disciplinary dismissal: causes, procedures and consequences”

14:30 – 18:00

“The new work process – General changes and the new procedure for challenging a dismissal”

- José Eusébio de Almeida (Judge at the Coimbra Court of Appeal)
- Paula Forjaz (Lawyer)