Academic Structure

The International Course has an annual duration and for accreditation requires participation in the discussion forums, in conversations, in the Final Workshop and submission of a final monograph.

The Specialisation has an annual duration and for accreditation requires achievement in the International Course and 2 optional Virtual Seminars of the curricular offerings (that include the submission of a final monograph).

The Specialisation and the International Course on Epistemologies of the South run from April 2020 to March 2021.

The online seminars and classes of the International Course are offered indistinctly in Spanish or Portuguese. The bibliography is provided in the two official languages of the course, according to their availability. The students' interventions in the discussion forums, conversations and workshops can also be made in both languages. Final papers can be delivered in either Portuguese or Spanish.

The students of the Specialisation and the International Course have the support of tutors who accompany the online seminars and guide the final papers.

The International Course also seeks to build another library and a cartography of social movements, where other voices and knowledges find space and visibility, challenging attempts of epistemicide and epistemological subordination.

The final monograph can be, based on the Epistemologies of the South, done individually or in groups and can be a written work, a radio programme, a painting, etc.

Upon the conclusion of the seminars, the students have a period of 4 months to deliver the final monograph, up to and including July 2021. If the students are awaiting the conclusion of a seminar, they also have this period to complete the seminar.