Theses defended

Do homem ao homem: a transição para a História

Angélica Gusmão

Public Defence date
October 26, 2018
Doctoral Programme
Governance, Knowledge and Innovation
João Arriscado Nunes
This thesis narrates the story of an expedition, one that is not limited by the constraints of time or geographic place. It begins with the memories that are rebuilt in dialogues with the dead upon whose ideas human temples were erected, from where man is raised to a throne of representation and all life forms are merely forms of survival. From here, the stage and existence are confounded in reality, making it impossible to narrate the human journey through its image or its discourses as words and shapes are mere sets of characters and therefore, it is difficult to affirm whether it is man who characterises it or whether it is his own personality that characterises it - his own nature. The second journey that this thesis takes is in the direction of the intimacy of the unconsciousness, which reveals the human ancestry of moral values in the intended actions, the causes and effects of collective choices, as well as the energy of primordial impulses and instincts which make up human nature that cries out for man's reconciliation with nature and for man to be reconciled with himself, with the feelings that govern his conscience more than the reason that governs his decisions. Before this conciliation, all human movement will place the ideality of its image as a model of its external ambitions in the servile economy of survival. Until now, human science has guaranteed our material existence and advanced our technical capacity. The question now is whether it will allow us to experience all the animated forms and whether man will live in full when nurturing the desire for human subjectivity is as important as nourishing the body, as when man meets man, the empathy that will trigger the need for affection, happiness, fraternity, conciliation will rise and everything else will become impotent. On this day, human selfishness will not undertake any other struggles other than for the sake of happiness and man will be ready to go on a journey of transition to history, towards the Kingdom of Freedom, as Marx predicted.

Key words: Marx, History, transition, freedom, humanity, selfishness, consciousness, unconsciousness, man.