Opening Conference of the Doctoral Programme 'Territory, Risk and Public Policies

Rural fires management in Portugal: weaknesses and challenges

Fantina Tedim (Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto)

September 28, 2018, 17h00

Keynes Hall, Faculty of Economics UC



Opening conference of the Doctoral programme 'Territory, Risk and Public Policies'  a joint inter-university programme offered by the Centre for Social Studies (CES) and the Institute of Interdisciplinary Research (III) of the University of Coimbra, by the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning (IGOT) and the Centre for Geographical Studies (CEG) of the University of Lisbon and the University of Aveiro.

Bio note

Fantina Tedim has been an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography at FLUP since 2000, where she has a PhD in Human Geography. Since 2016 she has been a University Fellow at Charles Darwin University in Australia. After the PhD, she decided to direct her research area to the natural hazards, underresearched in Portugal and only approached from the "natural hazards paradigm" perspective. Aware of the social construction of natural hazards, she developed in 2001-2002 the Integrated Course on Postgraduate Studies in Natural Hazards Management, the first in this subject to be taught in Portugal, and which was in force until the entry into the Bologna Process. Currently, her main research themes are: vulnerability and resilience assessment, extreme risk prevention, risk communication, the preparation of society for extreme manifestations of natural hazards, disaster management and the transfer of scientific knowledge for the operational ones. Her interest is multi-risk, but her research has focused on rural fires.