Scientific Events

Organisation of scientific events

Organization of Lançamento do Livro Pensar a Democracia, Coimbra, 22 to 22 November by 2017.

Presentations in scientific events

Barbosa, Sérgio (2019), "New forms of Resistance in the Neoliberal age", paper presented at Neoliberalism in the America, Duke University, 23 to 25 January.

Barbosa, Sérgio; Cordova, Yasodara (2018), "Who are the WhatsAppers? News forms of Connective Action", paper presented at Dis/connection symposium, Uppsala, 27 September 28 October.

Barbosa, Sérgio (2018), "The Comunix WhatsAppers in times of Globalization. IAPSS World Convention "Globalization and Diverse." Paris, France.", paper presented at IAPSS World Convention Globalization and Diverse Convention "Globalization and Diverse." Paris, France., Paris, 24 to 28 April.

Barbosa, Sérgio; Bastone, Paula; Weber, Izabel (2017), "Ponencia", paper presented at XXI Congreso Alas Uruguay 2017, Montevideo, 03 to 08 December.

Barbosa, Sérgio (2017), "WhatsApp and Ciberativism New Spaces in Democracy", paper presented at Book Presentation "Think Democracy", Coimbra, 22 to 22 November.

Barbosa, Sérgio; Weber, Izabel; Bastone, Paula (2017), "The WhatsAppers' turn: New forms of cyberactivism", paper presented at Second International Congress of Social Movements and ICT's - MOVE. NET, Sevilla, 25 to 27 October.

Barbosa, Sérgio; Weber, Izabel; Bastone, Paula (2017), "Resistance to the coup: The people say 2016 never again", paper presented at XIV International Congress of Political Philosophy, Barcelona, 18 to 20 October.

Barbosa, Sérgio (2017), "No right less: the "# United against the coup" in WhatsApp", paper presented at IAPSS Autumn Convention 2017 "Truth and Politics", Bremem, 12 to 16 September.

Barbosa, Sérgio (2017), "Whatsapp and Politics: New Forms of Cyberactivism in Florianópolis", paper presented at ISA International Conference Democracy and Participation in the 21st Century, ISEG, 12 to 15 July.

Barbosa, Sérgio (2017), "A internet e o potencial para novos canais de participaçao politica", paper presented at Encontro com a Ciencia em Portugal, Centro de Congressos de Lisboa, 03 to 05 July.

Barbosa, Sérgio (2017), "WhatsApp e Politica novas formas de ciberativismo", paper presented at 1º Congresso Internacional de Redes Sociais (CIReS), Universidade de Evora, 01 to 02 June.

Barbosa, Sérgio (2017), "WhatsApp's turn: new spaces of politics", paper presented at 3 rd International Conference of OBSERVARE (Research Unit in International Relations of UAL), Lisbon, 17 to 19 May.

Barbosa, Sérgio (2017), "WhatsApp e ciberativismo novos espaços na democracia", paper presented at Coloquio Democracia em debate, Porto, 27 to 27 April.