Patrícia Silva



Patrícia Silva is research fellow at CES where she is part of the coordinating team of the Humanities, Migration and Peace Studies Research Cluster (NHUMEP), of the advisory board of the e-journal 'e-cadernos CES', and of the organising committee of the advanced training cycle "Publish Do Not Perish: Survive the Stampede". Her research in comparative studies focuses on cultural networks and exchanges between literary and artistic movements in Brazil and in Portugal, and between these and European and Anglo-American ones. Centring on processes and contexts of reception, translation and transcreation characteristic of Modernism understood as a transcultural phenomenon, her project aims to identify translocal exchanges, map multidirectional flows in the transnational circulation of C20 cultural actors, aesthetics and works, and to contribute to the revision of the axial paradigm centre-periphery. She holds a PhD in Portuguese & Brazilian Studies from King's College London (2009), was visiting lecturer at the University of Cambridge (2010-2012) and University College London (2012-2013), and research fellow at the School of Advanced Studies, University of London (2010-2012) and Queen Mary, University of London (2013-2018). She has published on Modernism, Lusophone Studies, Comparative Literatura, (Inter)cultural and Interarts Studies, and Visual Cultures.

Latest Publications

Book Chapter

Silva, Patrícia (2022), Alfredo Guisado e o caso Orpheu: rastrear a recepção e o impacto da revista através do arquivo Távora, in Ricardo Vasconcelos (org.), A Coleção Fernando Távora e o Modernismo Português. Porto: Fundação Instituto Marques da Silva, U. Porto

Book Chapter

Silva, Patrícia; Abreu, Mirhiane Mendes (2022), Brazilian "Peripheral" Magazines: Arco e Flexa (Bahia); Verde (Cataguases); A revista (Bahia); Era Nova (Paraiba); Leite Crioula (Minas); Festa (Rio), in Andrew Thacker, Eric Bulson, & María del Pilar Blanco (org.), The Oxford Critical and Cultural History of Global Modernist Magazines: Vol. 1: South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Oxford: Oxford University Press

Book Chapter

Silva, Patrícia (2021), "Práticas de comunicação científica intercultural na capacitação de doutorandos para a academia internacional", in Paula Sequeiros, Maria José Carvalho, Graça Capinha (org.), A Investigação e a escrita: Publicar sem Perecer. Coimbra: Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra, 249-267

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