Pablo Pérez Navarro


Pablo Pérez Navarro is a researcher of the Center for Social Studies (CES) of the University of Coimbra (Portugal) and a visiting professor of Queer and LGBTI Studies - Gender and Sexualities of the Center for Human Rights and LGBT Studies (NUH) at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil). He holds a PhD in Philosophy by the University of La Laguna (Spain) and he was a research visitor at the Center for LGBTQ studies (CLAGS) of the City University of New York. He has conducted postdoctoral research at the Carlos III University of Madrid and as a member of the project 'INTIMATE - Citizenship, Care and Choice. The Micro-Politics of Intimacy in Southern Europe', coordinated at CES by Ana Cristina Santos. He is the author of Del texto al sexo: Judith Butler y la performatividad (Egales, Madrid, 2008), and he has published widely in the intersections among philosophy, gender and queer studies. His recent work addresses coalitional politics of gender and sexual dissidence and the emerging biopolitics of gender, sexuality and reproduction.

Latest Publications

Article in Scientific journal

Pérez Navarro, Pablo (2019), "¿Es la reproducción siempre ya heterosexual?", Encrucijadas. Revista Crítica de Ciencias Sociales, 17, 1-22

Article in Scientific journal

Pérez Navarro, Pablo (2019), "Mater sempre certa est: El régimen gestocéntrico de la filiación", RELIESS: Revista del Laboratorio Iberoamericano para el Estudio Sociohistórico de las Sexualidades, 1, 1, 49-67

Article in Scientific journal

Pérez Navarro, Pablo (2019), "Transfeminismo y activismos queer: emergencia y cohabitación en las fronteras de la coalición", Recerca: Revista de Pensament i Anàlisi, 24, 2