Joana Vaz Sousa


Working in different socioenvironmental contexts, and in the intersection between ecology and anthropology, has influenced my approach and directed me towards a more interdisciplinary framework. I have a bachelor in Environmental Biology (University of Lisbon), followed by a PhD in Social Anthropology (Oxford Brookes University) and a post-doctorate in Geography (University of Geneva). I gathered international research experience in Ecuador, Mauritania, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya and Portugal. I have deepened my experience in ethnographic research between late 2009 and 2013 while collecting data in rural Guinea-Bissau for my PhD research. My dissertation is entitled "Shape-shifting nature in a contested landscape in Guinea-Bissau", and includes sections on local livelihoods, cosmologies and oral history, perceptions of risk, local understandings of nature and nature conservation, and non-humans in witchcraft and magic. More recently my research interests also include knowledge interfaces, technology networks and farmers' adaptation to climate change (Kenya and Guinea-Bissau), particularly regarding mangrove rice farming in Guinea-Bissau. Taught in a university in Guinea-Bissau and I am part of the editorial coordination of the Bissau-Guinean peer-review and interdisciplinary journal, Sintidus.

Latest Publications

Article in Scientific journal

Sousa, Joana; Luz, Ana Luísa (2018), "'The tides rhyme with the moon': The impacts of knowledge transmission and strong spring tides on rice farming in Guinea-Bissau", Human Ecology, 46, 2, 147-157

Article in Scientific journal

Sousa, Joana; Hill, Catherine M.; Ainslie, Andrew (2017), "Chimpanzees, sorcery and contestation in a protected area in Guinea-Bissau", Social Anthropology, 25, 3, 364-379

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Book Chapter

Sousa, Joana Vaz (2017), No mato, nos campos agrícolas, nas narrativas: uma reflexão sobre o lugar numa área protegida da Guiné-Bissau, in Mozine A. C. S., Rosa T. S., & Freitas T. M. D. M. (org.), Ambiente e Sociedade em Contexto Lusófono. Florianópolis: Editora Insular, 313-345