Shahd Wadi



Shahd Wadi is Palestinian among other possibilities, but the freedom is mostly Palestinian. She sought her resistance through her PhD thesis in Feminist Studies at the University of Coimbra in Portugal, which was published in a book entitled "Bodies in a Bundle: Artistic-Life-Stories of Palestinian Women in Exile" (2017). She was also nominated by The European Project for Research Dissemination (ERD), to be part of the platform of Best European Young Researcher. She holds Master's degree in the same field with a thesis entitled "Feminisms of Occupied Bodies: Palestinian Women between Two Resistances" (201) She was the first in Portugal to receive each of these degrees in this field. In her research she addresses the narratives and representations of women's bodies in cultural and artistic contemporary creations as simultaneously silence and site of resistance in the context of the Israeli occupation of Palestine. She considers art a life testimony, also her own.