Helder Macedo


Helder Macedo is Emeritus Professor at King's College, University of London, where he was the Camoes' Chairman until September 2004, Associated Director of the Institute of Romance Studies and editor of the Portuguese Studies Journal. Visiting professor at Harvard and at universities in France, Spain and Brazil, he was also visiting scholar and writer-in-residence at Berkeley, University of California. Acclaimed poet, novelist and essayist, he is a fellow of the Academy of Sciences of Lisbon and of King's College, University of London. Honorary President of the International Association of Lusitanists since 2002, he served as the Association's President from 1993 to 1999. In Portugal, he was General Director for the Performing Arts in the Ministry of Social Communication (1975) and the Secretary of State for Culture (1979-1980). He was named Comendador of the Ordem de Santiago da Espada in 1993 and he has received many literary awards, including the "Casimiro Dantas Prize" by the Academy of Sciences of Lisbon (1977), the "Jacinto Prado Coelho Prize" by the International Association of Literary Critics (1999) and the "Portuguese PEN Club" prize(1999). Her current research insterests include the art of fiction and poetry, English and Portuguese Literature and Culture and Contemporary Portuguese Painting. His books include 'Camões e a Viagem Iniciática' (Moraes Editores, 1980) e 'As Viagens do Olhar: Retrospecção, Visão e Profecia no Renascimento Português' (com Fernando Gil), (Campo das Letras, 1998),'Nós. Uma Leitura de Cesário Verde' (Editorial Presença, 1999)and 'Do Significado Oculto da Menina e Moça' (Guimarães Editores,1999). As a poet and novelist, he has written among other titles, 'Partes de África' (Editorial Presença, 1991), 'Viagem de Inverno', (Editorial Presença,1994), 'Pedro e Paula' (Editorial Presença,1998), 'Vícios e Virtudes' (Editorial Presença, 2000), 'Sem Nome' (Editorial Presença, 2005) and Natália (Editorial Presença, 2009).