Alberta Giorgi


As a post-doc at CES, I am involved in the Observatory POLICREDOS (Observatory on Religion in Public Sphere), with a comparative project focused on the relationships between religion and politics in a multilevel governance perspective. I am post-doc associée at the GSRL (Groupe Societés, Religions, Laïcités, CNRS - Ecole pratique des hautes etudes-Sorbonne, Paris), member of the Standing Group Religion and Politics (ECPR, European Consortium of Political Research), co-convenor of the standing group Religione e Politica, and member of the standing group Movimenti Sociali e Partecipazione (SISP, Società Italiana di Scienza Politica). I am part of the editorial board of PArtecipazione e Conflitto [PArticipation and Conflict] - The open journal of sociopolitical studies. I have been awarded my PhD in Sociology at the Graduate School in Social, Economics and Political Science (University of Milano), with a thesis on the political debate over political secularism in Italy, and between 2008 and 2011 I worked at the University of Milano-Bicocca with a project on the relationships between religious institutions/organizations and politics. My research interests include political secularism and secularization, religious associations, and political participation, paying attention to dissemination. I held teaching positions at the Universities of Trento, Milano-Bicocca, and Milano, and organized some panels on religion and politics in national and international conferences - more information at the webpage:

Latest Publications


Giorgi, Alberta (2018), Minoranze religiose tra Europa e Laicità locale. Mimesis

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Book Chapter

Giorgi, Alberta; Sekulic, Tanja (2018), Politica, in L. Bifulco, V. Borghi, M. Bricocoli, D. Mauri (org.), Azione pubblica. Un glossario Sui Generis. Mimesis

Book Chapter

Giorgi, Alberta (2018), Quand l'égalité des sexes est devenue 'idéologie du genre'? L'étrange cas du Portugal, in R. Khuar and D. Paternotte (org.), Campagnes anti-genre en europe. Des mobilisations contre l'égalité. PUL