Francisco Miguel dos Santos Venes


I'm a Biomedical Engineer converted to critical social sciences. In the past years I resided in Quito (Equador) where I studied a MSc. in Development Economics and worked as a research assistant in different projects on social and environmental safeguards applied to mega-constructions; trade flows and OFDI by China on Andean countries; and public policies in the energy sector. My main research interests are within the fields of ecological economics and political ecology. I consider myself a scholar-activist and am part of an urban movement fighting large scale mining interests in Ecuador. Currently I follow FEUC/CES PhD. programme on Democracy.

Latest Publications

Article in Scientific journal

Acosta, Alberto; Ariza-Montobbio, Pere; Venes, Francisco; Lorca, Paul; Soley, Rosalía (2014), "La cuestión energética vista desde las soberanías. Esbozando algunos factores clave desde sus múltiples dimensiones", Ecuador Debate, 92, 39-53

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