Fátima Cristina Da Silva


PhD student at the Center for Social Studies-CES of the University of Coimbra, in the Doctoral Program Territory Risk and Public Policies. He studied master's degrees at UNB, UFBA and UFPA. Specialist in Methodology of Higher Education (UFAC 1998) and Specialist in Decentralized Management in Health and Environment (UFMA and MS 2004). Graduated in Pedagogy from the Federal University of Acre (1994). Technical Advisor of Planning and Cultural Projects at the Foundation of Culture and Communication Elias Mansour (Acre). Has carried out Technical Assistance for the Company of Development in Environmental Services of the State of Acre in the construction of the Subprogram of Extractivism. Coordinated the process of construction of the GT / Genêro do SISA / Acre. Pedagogical Coordinator of Projects of the National Council of Extractive Populations in Brazil. Facilitator of Strategic Planning of Community Associations, as well as the workshops on Public Policy in general in the Extractive Reserves of the Amazon; member and activist of the Earth Group and responsible for the project "The Women's Luggage of the Forest", awarded nationally and internationally. Direct participation in the elaboration of didactic material for Environmental Education, Health Education, Community Organization, Gender and Citizenship. He worked at the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation and held the position of Chief of the Extractive Reserve Conservation Unit Chico Mendes.