Colonial Legacies in Times of 'Black Lives Matter'

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Guiné-Bissau: Da Memória ao Futuro

Diana Andringa



Guiné-Bissau: Da Memória ao Futuro bears witness to the hopes and blockades that have been building the country for over four decades.

Filmed entirely in Guinea-Bissau, in September 2018, when the 45th anniversary of independence was being celebrated, the documentary records the testimonies of a group of academics of various nationalities, members of Guinean civil society, artists and fighters of the national liberation struggle who reflect and debate the memories and legacies of that past.

Guiné-Bissau: Da Memória ao Futuro travels a broad journey of reflection on the imagination and the construction of independent Guinea, also showing us how memory can serve as a tool for the generation of the present to build the future.

Directed by Diana Andringa, with a script by the director and Miguel Cardina, the film was produced by Garden Films and the Centre of Social Studies of the University of Coimbra, under the project CROME - Crossed Memories, Politics of Silence: The Colonial-Liberation Wars in Postcolonial Times, and was financially supported by the ICA/Ministry of Culture of Portugal.

Documentary / 60 minutes / Portugal – 2019
Director: Diana Andringa
Script: Diana Andringa e Miguel Cardina
Producers: Garden Films and CES-UC
Subtitles: Portuguese and English
A project financially supported by the ICA/Ministry of Culture of Portugal