Colonial Legacies in Times of 'Black Lives Matter'

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Amílcar Cabral: Itinerários, Memórias, Descolonização

Sílvia Roque

MEMOIRS Newsletter


In this text, Sílvia Roque leads us through the book Itinerários de Amílcar Cabral, launched in 2018, which gathers the letters exchanged with his family from the different geographical points where he carried out his political, armed and diplomatic actions in the context of the liberation struggle unleashed by the PAIGC, with the aim of liberating Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde from Portuguese colonialism. From this book, the author elaborates a reflection on the actuality of Cabral's thought and meanings for a reading of the post-colonial presents.

Image: Casa Vermelha (of the series Gurué) | 2014 | Filipe Branquinho