«O Neoliberalismo não é um slogan» by João Rodrigues

Tinta da China | 2022


Through the interpretation of the theoretical and practical contributions of some of the main neoliberal ideologues - from Friedrich Hayek to Aníbal Cavaco Silva - this book seeks to corroborate the following hypothesis: neoliberalism was - and still is - a powerful political-ideological process promoting disenchantment with democratic politics thus rendered impotent. Supranational capitalism is presented as irreversible and benign.

What is also shown here is that the record of neoliberalism is not brilliant, having led to economic stagnation and growing social inequality. Despite the relentless struggle of the ruling elites against the idea of national and democratic sovereignty, there is another realistic path: re-enchanting the economy through alternatives built on national States, recognising the plasticity and limits of markets, circumscribing and subordinating them to collective priorities.

About the author
João Rodrigues is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Coimbra and a researcher at the Centre for Social Studies. Ph.D. from the University of Manchester, his research has focused on issues of political economy, from the history of neo-liberalism to the financialisation of capitalism in Portugal. He is the author of several publications in these areas, including in academic journals such as the Cambridge Journal of Economics or the Review of International Political Economy. He is also coauthor of the political economy blog Ladrões de Bicicletas and member of the Editorial Board of Le Monde diplomatique - Portuguese edition.