«A Guerra Quente e a Paz Fria. Sobre as origens da guerra na Ucrânia» by Bernardo Teles Fazendeiro

Guerra & Paz, 2022


In A Guerra Quente e a Paz Fria [Hot War and Cold Peace], Bernardo Teles Fazendeiro analyses the origins of the conflict and how a cold peace, which made war seem like a mirage, turned into a hot war.

In this book, the author states that «revisiting the past in order to understand the present does not, however, serve to justify Putin's choice» and, therefore, shows us his path and his vision about Russia, Ukraine and the enlargement of NATO, as well as takes us through the intricacies of the , not always obvious, differentiation between conflict - evident in a cold peace that has never stabilised - and war - with all the moral justifications that justify what Erasmus defines as the claiming of an «ancient and forgotten right» because «war is sweet to those who have not experienced it».

More than a hot reading of the harsh reality of the invasion of Ukraine, this book leaves us a careful reading of the post-Soviet world, the fruit of years of research, so that we can all understand and make «the outline of a response».