«O Trabalho Aqui e Agora»

Renato do Carmo, Isabel Roque, Jorge Caleiras, Rodrigo Vieira de Assis | Tinta-da-China, 2021


Precariousness regimes, new forms of exploitation, pandemic crisis:


The 2008 financial crisis and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic have accelerated a climate of social and economic malaise which, among other trends, is based on labour precariousness, unemployment and the levelling down of the value and right to protected and well-paid work.

Trabalho aqui e agora takes a multidimensional look at the dynamics of the current labour market, based on the journeys of 53 workers, proposing as a counterpoint the foundations of a policy of reconquest of time lived and of the reinforcement of the centrality of work. By questioning some pre-established narratives, the book identifies the way in which precariousness regimes are formed and crystallised, and shows how many of the labour and living situations of today refer back to ancient and obscure temporalities, reminiscent of agricultural day labour, deprived of rights and of any formal framework.

The presentation of this book, the result of the research project EmployALL | The Employment Crisis and the Social State in Portugal: detaining the production of social vulnerabilities and inequalities, published by Tinta-da-China, will take place on  October 27th 2021, at 6pm, at Almedina Estádio Cidade de Coimbra, and will be presented by Elísio Estanque and Clara Murteira.