International Colloquium

The rise of the extreme right around the world: discourses and practises of violence

July 10, 2024, 09h00

Room 2, CES | Alta

In this Colloquium, we intend to exchange experiences and analyse the multiple forms of violence that are increasing and intensifying in the context of the rise of the extreme right in Portugal and around the world. Our aim is also to open up an interdisciplinary space capable of strengthening dialogue between researchers, educators, and social movement activists.

The intersections between class, race, gender and colonial oppressions underpin and feed the discourses and practises of conservative and ultra-conservative groups that represent far-right movements and parties. We are therefore interested in analysing and discussing the following central question: What are the political and pedagogical alternatives and responses to confront those who have established hatred as a policy?

This Colloquium is structured around three roundtables followed by workshops for debates. It aims to be a space for interdisciplinary dialogues and collective exchanges based on shared talks.