International Colloquium

LABOUR, ECONOMY AND SOCIETY: Emerging transversalities

October 13 and 14, 2023

Auditorium, Faculty of Economics - UC


11 October, 14:30, Keynes Room

“Acceleration and the World of Work” by Hartmut Rosa (Institut für Soziologie - Univ. Jena/ Max Weber Centre for Advanced Studies)
Comments: Elísio Estanque (FEUC/CES)
Moderator: Ana Cordeiro Santos (CES)

13 October | FEUC Auditorium

9:15 Opening session
Tiago Santos Pereira (CES Director)
Álvaro Garrido (Director of FEUC)
Hermes Augusto Costa (Organising Committee)

9:45-11:00: Opening Conference
“Social dialogue in times of polarization”
by Francisco Assis (Economic and Social Council)
Comments: Manuel Carvalho da Silva (CoLABOR/CES)
Moderator: Teresa Maneca Lima (CES)

11:30-13:00: Thematic session A
“The Portuguese economy, labour and social protection: from productive specialisation to global production chains”

Speakers: José Reis (FEUC/CES), Ana Costa (ISCTE), José Luís Albuquerque (GEP-MTSSS)
Moderator: João Rodrigues (FEUC/CES)

15:00-16:30: Thematic session B
“The old and the new in confrontation: employment relationships, forms of organisation, regulatory challenges”

Speakers: Ana Alves da Silva (CoLABOR), João Leal Amado (FDUC), José Soeiro (IS-UP/Parliament)
Moderator: Ana Paula Marques (UMinho)

16:45-18:15: Thematic session C
“Discriminations, inequalities and violences”

Speakers: Virgínia Ferreira (FEUC/CES), Sara Falcão Casaca (ISEG), Bruno Freitas (FESETE)
Moderator: Rosa Monteiro (FEUC/CES)

18:30: Book launch
Ressonâncias e Sociologia Pública: Ensaio Sociológico sobre a Sociedade Portuguesa (Vida Económica), by Elísio Estanque | Presentation of the book: Álvaro Garrido, Director of FEUC


14th October | FEUC Auditorium

9:30-11:00: Thematic session D) “Work and social dialogue: challenges and alliances”
Speakers: António Casimiro Ferreira (FEUC/CES), Cristina Rodrigues (IHC-UNL), Filipe Lamelas (CoLABOR)
Moderator: Raquel Rego (ICS-UL)

11:30-12:45: Closing conference
“Transformations in labour relations, the role of the state and the challenges for workers' organisation and collective action
by Maria da Paz Campos Lima (Dinâmica'CET - IUL)
Commentator: Paulo Pedroso (CoLABOR/ISCTE)
Moderator: Hermes Augusto Costa (FEUC/CES)