Book presentation

«A Persistência da Desvalorização do Trabalho e a Urgência da sua Revalorização» | Eds. Maria da Paz Campos Lima and José Castro Caldas.

March 23, 2023, 17h30

Livraria Almedina Atrium Saldanha (Lisbon)

The session counts on the participation of the book’s editors, with a presentation by Manuel Carvalho da Silva, Coordinator of CES Lisbon.


This book analyses the processes of wage devaluation that took place in Portugal between the international crisis of 2008 and the present day. It examines in particular the reconfiguration of the institutions that frame labour relations, productive specialisation and the structure of employment. In addition to the cross-cutting national and international comparison analyses, one of the contributions of the book is the analysis of the variegated impacts of economic/institutional changes at the sectoral and firm level, taking into consideration wage policies and collective bargaining.
Starting from the conjecture that the regressive institutional reconfiguration associated with the «internal devaluation» policies of the Troika intervention period may have accelerated a process of cumulative labour devaluation, the chapters in this book examine its impacts involving knowhow and skill losses, investment retrenchment, increased economic inequality and demographic decline.