Workshop Series

Domestic violence: how to improve practises and responsibilities in multi-sectoral intervention

May - November 2022

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This is the organisation of a workshop series on professional intervention in violence against women and domestic violence. The workshops intend to promote critical reflection, demystifying and deconstructing professional practices and blockages in key sectors in the action of prevention and fight against this crime. Therefore, they will count on experts and national researchers and professionals from structures in the National Network of Support to Victims of Domestic Violence (RNAVVD).

It arose from a collaboration and scientific orientation work with the Support Centre for Victims of Domestic Violence in Viseu.
It is aimed at professionals from the RNAVVD and from sectors such as justice, health, security forces, promotion and protection system, aggressor programmes, among others. Also students and researchers.

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Workshop 1. «Where does secrecy end in healthcare? Mechanisms, platforms and protocols for action in the area of health» | 25 May 2022, 18h00-19h30

Opening Briefing: NAVVD, ETUC and IGC

Daniela Machado (Coordinator of the National Programme for the Prevention of Violence in the Life Cycle DGS) and João Barreira (ACES Douro Sul)

Workshop 2. «Intervention in domestic violence in a context of mental illness: cases, constraints and resources to mobilize» | 21 June 2022, 18h00-19h30
Rui do Carmo (Coordinator of the Domestic Violence Multidisciplinary Team) and Miguel Xavier (National Mental Health Programme) and Hélder Lourenço (CAD - Casa Abrigo Diferenciada para Vítimas de Violência Doméstica com Doença Mental)

Workshop 3. «The responses of the justice system and its operators in the support of victims and in the containment of the aggressor?» | 5 July 2022, 18h00-19h30
Domingos Santos (Coordinator of the District of Viseu, PGR) and Madalena Duarte (CES-FEUC)

Workshop 4. «The necessary intervention with children and young victims of domestic violence: protocols of inter-sectorial action and the new answer of the RAP» | 28 September 2022, 18h00-19h30
Rosário Farmhouse (President of CNCPCJ - National Commission for the Promotion of the Rights and Protection of Children and Young People), Anabela Guedes (CPCJ), and Adriana Alves (Coordinator of the new Response of Psychological Support to children and young victims of violence in Viseu)

Workshop 5. «Intervention with the aggressor: programmes, strategies and difficulties" | 18 October 2022, 18.00-19.30
Conceição Gomes (CES and Permanent Observatory of Justice; coordination of the «Evaluative Study on the impact of the measures applied to aggressors» - IMAPA) and Paula Pinto (CRI Viseu, SICAD - Intervention Service in Addictive Behaviours and Dependencies)

Final Workshop | International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
22nd November 2022, 18h00-19h30, FACE-TO-FACE