International Workshop

Solidarity with Timor-Leste struggle for self-determination: actors, institutions, contexts

May 16 to 19, 2022

Museu do Oriente (in-person) | Zoom (online)


Within the scope of the project ADeTiL - The self-determination of East-Timor: a study of Transnational History, and in order to fulfil the programme, we intend to organise an International Workshop on the issue of solidarity with the East-Timorese struggle for self-determination. This event will have the cooperation of the Orient Foundation, in which the Orient Museum will be the venue, in order to potentiate the participation of the public, namely the Timorese community in Portugal, very concentrated in Lisbon. Given the (good) experience with online events, which allow for a low cost involvement of participants from several parts of the world, it is expected that this event will be hybrid, with a face-to-face part and another online.

Solidarity with the Timorese struggle over two and a half decades was critical to its ultimate success. This solidarity assumed a variety of forms, from support by civil society movements, which were able to change official policies in several countries, to state support (for example, from the PALOP countries), and even other institutions, such as different Churches. The aim of this workshop is to bring together a wide range of contributions, some coming from the testimonies of actors, others from academic reflection on the subject.

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[Registration is free, but mandatory > Until March 15th (participants PRESENTING papers); until May 10th (participants NOT presenting papers) | In-person registrations are limited to the number of seats available and will be considered in order of reception.